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    Charlie Riina Tells It All

    Model: Charlie Riina @charlieriina
    Photographer: Bryan Egan @studiobe_photo
    Stylist: BALANDINA Olesia @balandina_stylist_fashion
    Hair and makeup:Taylor Vigneux @Taylorvigneux

    In the bustling cityscape of Toronto, a dynamic force has emerged, transcending the boundaries of traditional success. Charlie Riina, a real estate mogul, model, actress, and entrepreneur, has not only conquered diverse industries but has become a symbol of versatility and resilience. As we navigate the city’s avenues, we delve into the multi-faceted journey of a woman who is redefining the narrative of success in the heart of Canada.
    Crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic twice and Miss Toronto, Charlie became an icon of empowerment. Her bold photoshoot featuring a “Je Suis Charlie” shirt resonated globally, showcasing her commitment to using modeling as a voice for social issues.

    Beyond the glamour, Charlie’s modeling career served as a launching pad for her entrepreneurial spirit. It became a testament to the idea that success in one realm could be a gateway to impactful ventures in others. In her case, it led to a strategic transition into the intricate world of real estate
    Charlie Riina‘s foray into real estate marked a strategic evolution that saw her not just participating but excelling in Toronto’s competitive property market. As a commercial real estate agent specializing in pre-construction projects, Charlie’s success isn’t just measured in transactions; it’s about breaking barriers in a traditionally male-dominated industry.
    Charlie’s journey doesn’t end with modeling and real estate; it extends to the realms of acting and entrepreneurship. Her acting credits include notable appearances in “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “All-In,” showcasing a versatility that mirrors her multi-faceted career. Beyond the spotlight, Charlie has co-founded “Heroes in Black,” a non-profit organization targeting at-risk homeless youth, reflecting her commitment to social responsibility.
    Her entrepreneurial spirit has also led her to explore roles as a producer, expanding her influence in the entertainment industry. Charlie’s ability to navigate different arenas with grace and determination solidifies her status as a true Renaissance woman, demonstrating that success is not limited to a singular path.

    Tell us about the most hard and interesting in your profession?
    For me, the most interesting thing is the travel.  I love going to new places and enjoying the culture and meeting interesting people I may not have met otherwise. And, the difficult part for me would probably be balancing everything in my different careers being an extremely active commercial real estate agent modelling acting and being active in the community .  Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day!  But I would not trade anything … I love it.

    Tell us about the most interesting model project in your life.
    That would have to be the photoshoot I did wearing a „Je Suis Charlie“ shirt, displaying my support for the fight against terrorism in honor of Charlie Hebdo and for the protection of freedom of speech after the horrific incident in Paris. It was the most fulfilling project … helping to bring attention to something I felt very strongly about. If I can somehow make a small change in the world, I am all over that!

    Is it easy to be a beautiful woman in the modeling business?
    Nothing is easy … unless you make it that way.  I always take anything I do very seriously and put my heart into it completely.  Otherwise, I don’t do it. Beauty has many levels, and it has different meanings.  I think being a beautiful person, can translate into a successful model.

    Tell us about your model project ands.
    I am always taking on new projects.  Some of which come from my own ideas. But, I am always open to projects that I feel comfortable with.  One of my latest was something new for me … having my likeness used for a video game.  It’s always fun for me to explore new things that I have not done yet.

    Tell as about Canadian fashion industry?
    We have a great scene up here!!  I live in Toronto and we have many events and great boutiques!!  Everyone come up and tell them I sent you!

    Let’s talk about your hobbies, what helps to develop your femininity?
    I wouldn’t consider myself overly feminine.  I love to dress u and do girlie stuff, but I much prefer sweats and chillin.  I’ve always been really into playing chess … ever since my childhood.  And I listen to music … I love all types of music

    Do you have places of power that fill?
    I get my power from f=my family and close friends.  They are the most important to me.  And from within … I feel power when I can make something better for someone.

    What inspires you the most?
    Changing the world!!  I like to raise a strong voice for causes I believe in.  And take action however I can.

    You look great, share your top 3 beauty secrets?
    Pretty simple really … I stay active and try to at least break a sweat every day, and I eat well and use good skin care products.

    Tell us about your plans and goals for 2024 and what would you like to wish our readers?
    My plans are to keep at balancing all my careers .  And go out and make a change!!  Find something you believe in and make your voice heard!!!

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